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Munzvember 1

Munzvember 25

Munzvember 50

Munzvember 75

Munzvember 100

Christmas 2013

Munzlympics 2014

RMH Ronnie

RMH Helpers

RMH Helena

RMH Family

Copa Do Munzo

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Munzee Munch

Guy Fawkes Day 2014

Christmas 2014

Heart To Heart

Come and Take It!

May Flowers

Monthly Video Contest Participant

Ms. Wheelchair Texas USA 2015

Monthly Video Contest Winner

Back To The Future Day

The Perfect Monster

RMH Survivor

Leap Day 2016

April Showers 2016

Get Outside With Munzee 2016




Back to School 2016

BCA Special


Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Flat Rob Firework

Groundhog Day 2017

Groundhog Day 2017 Winter

Groundhog Day 2017 Spring

Valentine's Day 2017


ZeeOps - Operation: Launch

Zilch, Zip, Nada, Nothing

Playing With Fire


Free Shamrocks!

Free Gold!

Leprechaun Freedom!

World Turtle Day 2017

Munzee Comics Part I

Munzee Comics Part II

Munzee Comics Part III

Munzee Comics: Issue 1


Left-Handed Thumbs Up

Paper Cut


Diabetes Awareness 2017

World Diabetes Day 2017

Winter Wonderland 2017

Christmas in the Sun 2017

Wacky Weather Christmas 2017

Thanks from Louise 2018

Thanks from Rob 2018

Thanks from Matt 2018

Fan Mail 2018

Heart Wrangler's Valentine

Heart Capper's Valentine

You Complete Me!

Pi Day 2018

Mixed Fillings

Colorful Capture: Seed

Colorful Capture: Seedling

Colorful Capture: Tree

Colorful Capping!

Green Gardner

Evergreen Artist

Sticky Situation

All Taped Up

Error 42

The Answer To Life

International Yoga Day 2018


Clown Car 2018

Clown Kit 2018

Cirque Du Munz 2018

World Photo Day 2018

Photo Frenzy

24 Hour Photo

Friendly Photos

Soaring Swine

Patriotic Pork

Global Grub


Hog Host

American Goth-pig

Starboard Stowaway

Gilded Sea Glider

Davy Jones' Locker

Dire Docks

Jewel-Eyed Johnny


Zombie Survivor

Zombie Hunter

PumPIN Patch

PumPIN King

First Steps

Grade 2.0

Confusing Companions

Third Times A Charm?

Better Shape Up

Flat Father Christmas

Flying Flats


Fleet Of Flat Flyers

Faithful Flat Finder

La Fondue

Cheesymite Scroll



Shot To The Heart

Sweet As Candy

Sweet Sales

Bulky Buyer



Kelly Green Cap

Lucky Leprechaun Lass

Scientifically Correct Shamrock


Flat Fishing

Flat Floater

Swimming Sleuth

Drowned Deerstalker

Honeycomb Hunter


Tom Yam Goon

The ZEEster Bunny

ZEEster Egg Hunt

The ZEEster Hen

Elusive Eggs

Chick Magnet