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Pin Hole Camera

Instant Camera

Point and Shoot Camera

Pliny's Fool's Gold

Grizzly Adams' Gold Rush

Blackbeard's Booty

The Lucky Penny

The Silver Bullets

The Midas Touch

Fun Flamingo

Social Serpents

Gala Giraffe

Happy Birthday Munzee, from Eventzee!

Men in Blue

Warhol's Wunderbar

Da Vinci's Design

Van Gogh's Vision

ATD Picture Perfect

ATD Most Points - Player

ATD Most Points - Team

ATD Quiz Master

ATD Quiz Masters


Haunted House Hunt

Eventzee Art Walk

Back To The Future 2

12 Days of Xmas

Sun Dial

Grandfather Clock

Alarm Clock

Eventzee Retro Badge

Eventzee Birthday

Rockfeller's Black Gold

King Tut's Tomb

Raleigh's City of Gold

Leap Day 2016

Camera Phone

SLR Camera

Photo Booth

St. Paddy's Day Photo Booth

Party Primate

Reception Rhino

King of the Jungle

May the Fourth

Revenge of the Sixth

Magritte's Main Man

Pollock's Print

Michelangelo's Masterpiece

Skinny Dipping Santa

University Of Eventzee: Class of 2016

Seafood Festival Traveler

Seafood Festival Novice

Seafood Festival Food Expert

Seafood Festival Entertainment Expert

Oktoberfest Mug Club

Das Matt's Boot

Palio's Free Drink!

Palio's Free Ice Cream!

Palio's Free Pizza!

Free Haircut!

Eventzee's 2nd Birthday


SFC Most Points

Friendly Neighborhood Cameraman

Up, Up and Away!

Eventzee Lounge: Lady Luck

Eventzee Lounge: The King

Eventzee Lounge: James Bindung

Eventzee Lounge: Photo Finish

Eventzee's Third Birthday!

Photo Booth Props 2018

Photo Booth Props - CA


Dog-Gone Depth Of Field

Coffin Cameras

Eventzee NYZ 2018

Bicentennial Badge

CoExist Conspirator

Feudal Photo Op

Ye Ole Scavenger Hunt

Arthurian Autograph

Blue Christmas

Blur Christmas

Couch Potato Party

Wacky Warhol

Veggie Vampire

Sea Shanty Shades

Sword and Shield Specs

Safari Sunnies

Alphabetical Aviators

Gleep Glorp Glasses