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First Class Unicorn Finder

Second Class Unicorn Tracker

Third Class Unicorn Trainer

First Class Leprechaun Finder

Second Class Leprechaun Tracker

Third Class Leprechaun Trainer

First Class Dragon Finder

Second Class Dragon Tracker

Third Class Dragon Trainer

First Class Yeti Finder

Second Class Yeti Tracker

Third Class Yeti Trainer

Hoplite Faun Finder

Battalion Faun Tracker

Brigadier Faun Trainer

Hoplite Hydra Finder

Battalion Hydra Tracker

Brigadier Hydra Trainer

Hoplite Pegasus Finder

Battalion Pegasus Tracker

Brigadier Pegasus Trainer

Fourth Class Unicorn Soldier

Fifth Class Unicorn General

Sixth Class Unicorn Master

Fourth Class Leprechaun Soldier

Fifth Class Leprechaun General

Sixth Class Leprechaun Master

Fourth Class Dragon Soldier

Fifth Class Dragon General

Sixth Class Dragon Master

Fourth Class Yeti Soldier

Fifth Class Yeti General

Sixth Class Yeti Master

Polis Faun General

Kingdom Faun Commander

Imperial Faun Master

Polis Hydra General

Kingdom Hydra Commander

Imperial Hydra Master

Polis Pegasus General

Kingdom Pegasus Commander

Imperial Pegasus Master

Hoplite Cyclops Finder

Battalion Cyclops Tracker

Brigadier Cyclops Trainer

Polis Cyclops General

Kingdom Cyclops Commander

Imperial Cyclops Master

Aquatic Mermaid Finder

Roaring Mermaid Tracker

Oceanic Mermaid Trainer

Maritime Mermaid General

Naval Mermaid Commander

Frolicking Fairy Finder

Fleeting Fairy Tracker

Fantastic Fairy Trainer

Faithful Fairy General

Fearsome Fairy Commander

Bashful Banshee Finder

Brisk Banshee Tracker

Brackish Banshee Trainer

Brittle Banshee General

Brash Banshee Commander

Naive Nymph Finder

Novice Nymph Tracker

Natural Nymph Trainer

Noteworthy Nymph General

Notorious Nymph Commander

HORRORS of Mythology!: Vol 1

Howling House Of Mystery: Vol 2

Seaside Serials: Vol 3

Fires of Folklore: Vol 4

Myth Explorer

Myth Expert

Mighty Myth Master