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Event Host

Double Fun Host

4th Birthday Host

Event Host x5

Event Host x10

Tiny Tim

Christmas Cracker

Artful Dodger

Full Turkey Dinner

Party Crasher Host

Centurion Host

Shindig Host

Big Bash Host

Munzee Easter Baby Chick

Munzee Easter Family Gathering

Munzee Easter Decorated Egg

Munzee Easter Parade

Event Host x15

Event Host x20

MunzFit Team Leader

Event Host x25

Event Host x30

Munzee 5th Birthday - Pool Party Host

Munzee 5th Birthday - Dance Party Host

Munzee 5th Birthday - Fancy Dress Party Host

Munzee 5th Birthday - Mad Munzee Tea Party Host

Christmas Party Host 2016 - Prancer

Christmas Party Host 2016 - Dancer

Christmas Party Host 2016 - Vixen

Christmas Party Host 2016 - Rudolph

Tea Party Host 2017 - Egg

Tea Party Host 2017 - Chick

Tea Party Host 2017 - Bunny

Tea Party Host 2017 - Bilby

6th Birthday Event Host - Super Scott

6th Birthday Event Host - Super Matt

6th Birthday Event Host - Super Trish

6th Birthday Event Host - Super Dylan

The Fiesta Host

Event Host x35

Event Host x40

Event Host x45

Event Host x50

WallaZee Host

MunzFit 2.0 Host

Christmas Party Host 2017 - Lump of Coal

Christmas Party Host 2017 - Menorah

Christmas Party Host 2017 - Wooden Shoe

Christmas Party Host 2017 - Pickle

Go Green 2018 Seeds Host

Go Green 2018 Sapling Host

Go Green 2018 Tree Host

Go Green 2018 Forest Host


Munzee 7th Birthday Clown Host

Munzee 7th Birthday Strong Man Host

Munzee 7th Birthday Unicyclist Host

Munzee 7th Birthday Ring Leader Host

Headliner Host

Event Host x55

Event Host x60

Event Host x65

Event Host - Halloween 2018

Christmas Party 2018 Host - Partridge in a Pear Tree

Christmas Party 2018 Host - Two Turtle Doves

Christmas Party 2018 Host - Three French Hens

Christmas Party 2018 Host - Four Calling Birds

April Events 2019 Host - The Fool

April Events 2019 Host - The Joker

April Events 2019 Host - The Jester

April Events 2019 Host - The Clown

8th Birthday Host - The 8-Sided Dice Dungeon Master

8th Birthday Host - The 8-Bit Gamer

8th Birthday Host - The 8-Track Rocker

8th Birthday Host - The Super8 Filmmaker

Event Host x70

Event Host x75

Event Host x80

Halloween Event Host 2019

Christmas Event Host 2019

Buddy The Elf Event Host 2019

Sugar Plum Fairy Event Host 2019

Mrs Claus Event Host 2019

Event Spotlight!

Event Host x85

Event Host x90

Event Host x95

Event Host x100

Little Leprechaun Event Host 2020

Fairest Fairies Event Host 2020

Frolicking Faun Event Host 2020

Big Mother Earth Event Host 2020

Untimely Unicorn Event Host 2020

Event Host x105

Event Host x110

Camp Munzee Counselor